Kaise-Painted Moonstone Cabinets

The Fitzsimmons family, a couple and their two teenage boys, moved from the North during the past year. They purchased a home that required remodeling and chose to do much of the work themselves to best connect with their new home and the surrounding community.

The couple did a fantastic job with their work on the walls and floors but realized that cabinet installation is best left to the experts. We worked directly with them to help choose a Shrock material in a kaise-painted moonstone color. These all-plywood constructed cabinets were delivered directly to the home. Since the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home as everything flows from this main space, they wanted it to be perfect. They chose a darker color that blends very well with the flooring and wall paint selections, the result is beautiful. They were especially pleased with the large island in the kitchen and the buffet that we installed just off of the kitchen. These customers were a joy to work with and very pleased with the results.