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Homeowners on a mission for a new kitchen or bathroom typically run from store to store, overwhelmed by looking at products trying to tie together various ideas they have seen online. Our professional designers personally guide you through our comprehensive design process to create a vision for your home that you will be delighted to see every time you enter.

4 Steps to a New Kitchen


Pre-Design Meeting

Pre-Design Meeting

The process starts with your vision of your dream kitchen. The clearer you are about what you want, the more we can help. Make an appointment with one of our design consultants at the Gulf Tile & Cabinetry location that is most convenient for you, and then pull your ideas together to get the most benefit from your time with us.

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Look on Pinterest or Houzz, or peruse design magazines to get a sense of the overall style, color and appliances you want for your kitchen. Consider which design group do you prefer: contemporary, modern, traditional, old-world, industrial, cottage, costal or other. Do you want the kitchen to coordinate with the current style of the home or would you like a transition or blending process to adjust from one style to another? Having an idea of what you want is a great starting point, and don't be shy about bringing examples of styles that really speak to you.


Bring in the measurements of the room with current placement of appliances and cabinetry. Providing photographs also help us to understand what you have, what doesn't work, and what is possible.


Decide how much you want to spend on the remodel so we can help you stick to that budget. Our clients often show us pictures of $70,000 kitchens but have a budget of $32,000, yet we make it work. How? Because we have such a deep knowledge of products and possibilities, we can identify the elements that you like best and find cost-effective alternatives wherever possible. When considering your budget, remember that kitchen renovations can increase the value of your home by approximately 10-20%, so this is a good investment.


Know what type of storage you need now and in the future. It is important to consider how much you have to store so that you won't waste space on empty cabinets. Also, issues such as children in the home or physical disabilities can have a big impact on your cabinet choice. If you are remodeling your "forever home," and plan to age in place, you might consider cabinets that are handicap accessible or of universal design. If this is a "for now" home, you will want storage that meets your current needs and will boost the marketability of the house.


Even at this stage it is helpful to understand your installation plan. Knowing whether you intend to do your own installation or work with a contractor will often result in different recommendations for cabinets and flooring. There isn't a right or wrong answer, and it's okay if you don't know yet, but it does help if you consider this question before you visit our designer.


Preliminary Design Meeting

Preliminary Design Meeting

Free Preliminary Design Meeting

We begin by reviewing the information that you've provided, including the placement of windows and doors, to create a design that is the perfect blend of form and function. Next, we show you specific choices that can bring your vision to life. The initial consultation takes between one and a half and two hours because there is so much to discuss. At the end of this meeting, you will have a preliminary drawing and an estimated cost of the remodel. This process is provided as a courtesy to you. The full design and product list is available to you for a fee.

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Our designers have vast experience in this industry, including products and building codes. As a result, we take into consideration design details that most do-it-yourself families overlook, especially clearance. Many building codes establish how much space is required between installed objects and appliances and our designers can help to keep you compliant to avoid costly corrections later. We also focus on practical clearance to assure that everything works together as it should, rather than having to close a drawer before you open the refrigerator. From your design and our expert view, we will create a space that has the function you need and the aesthetics you want.


Once the preliminary design is in place, we will discuss the options available to bring it to life. Fortunately, we have the most comprehensive selection of manufacturers, styles and colors of all kitchen elements under one roof. This means that together we can walk through the showroom and you can literally see and touch the various choices and make informed decisions. From flooring to tiles to cabinetry, everything is here which makes it easy to create a cohesive kitchen that reflects your personal style.


During this process, we will help you pick the colors and styles that best fulfill your vision. As part of this discussion, we will discuss the materials that best fit your style, from wood to tile, and what accessories and hardware will customize the space to make it truly yours.


Once you've reached this point in the design process, expect to place a deposit for the products you need to create your kitchen.


3D Design Presentation, Modifications and Finalization

3D Design Presentation, Modifications and Finalization

During the second consultation, we will develop a 3D design of the kitchen helps to confirm that the design is exactly what you want, make modifications and finalize the design. Once again we will take full advantage of our extensive product selections so that we can include details, such as crown molding, countertops, cabinet finishes, in the 3D model.

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Precise Measurements

To complete the 3D model, we will need actual measurements, down to the inch, of the kitchen and they must be as accurate as possible. If you choose, we can send one of our professionals to take these measurements for a $150 fee, which will be applied toward your Gulf Tile and Cabinetry purchases. In addition, we must know the exact appliances that will be installed so we can assure that everything fits perfectly.

Fine Details

At this time we will present options so you can make the final decisions about your cabinets, countertops, moldings, backsplashes, flooring and more. The specific information about each of these elements is entered into the 3D model so you can truly experience your kitchen as it will look when completed.


Once the details are in place, it's time to make adjustments that impact look and feel of the room. It is important to know that while you could change the design as often as you choose, that doesn't mean that you are making it better. Focus on your original vision for your room and tweak the design to achieve it if needed. Also, now is the time to make changes to address financial concerns. For example if you love a cabinet door style but it is outside of your budget, we can help you find similar, lower cost choices that fit the design. Overall, this in-depth conversation will assure that every element of your kitchen has been addressed. We will also review lead times for various cabinet styles, countertops and other features so you can make installation plans.




With the design work completed, it is time to transform your vision from paper to reality, and your Gulf Tile and Cabinetry designer will help facilitate the installation process. Our expert installation team is available to help transform your kitchen and will coordinate with the design expert to schedule the work when the products have been delivered to our warehouse. For complex projects requiring demolition, building, plumbing, and more, you will need to hire a general contractor. While we do not offer this service, we can provide a recommendation. We don't make any money from recommending a general contractor, we just want to make sure that your job is done right.

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Put Our Experts to Work For You

Our installation teams know our products and have completed work in hundreds of area homes. They have extensive experience installing kitchen cabinets, crown moldings, hardware, and more, and will do the job right.

Request a Recommendation

At Gulf Tile and Cabinetry, we have worked with hundreds of general contractors on a variety of projects and can give you the names of several who would be appropriate for your kitchen remodel. We don't receive any compensation for these referrals but we know their work and have confidence in their abilities. Also, since our clients have worked with these contractors in the past, we know that they are familiar with our products and will ask for information or support if needed.

Avoid Inexperienced Contractors

Some people try to save money on their kitchen remodel by hiring a friend, relative or someone who is not licensed. We strongly recommend against this option because it can cost you time and money. People who are inexperienced with various aspects of the remodeling process may complete tasks out of order, which requires work to be done twice. It is also common for these contractors to install cabinets incorrectly or cut crown molding wrong, requiring these products to be repurchased, which is money out of your pocket. Finally, if this contractor damages your house or is injured in your home, it is likely that your homeowners insurance will be the primary coverage since it is improbable that the contractor carries insurance.


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