February 15, 2022
3 Minutes Read

Who to Hire for Your Next Home Project: Architect, Designer, Remodeler, or Builder?

If you are considering hiring a building or remodeling professional for your existing or new home project, there are a variety of ways in which you can proceed.  As a cabinetry supplier, we service both retail AND wholesale clients. We work with not only a wide breadth of clientele, but also a variety of types of projects. Each professional construction entity has distinct ways in which they engage and work with homeowners.

It is important to understand the role of the various professionals you can hire, and what they can provide you as a homeowner:

Who to Hire for Your Next Home Project Gulf Cabinetry

Architects are essential in the creation of designs for new construction projects, alterations, additions, or redevelopments.  Using specialist construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills, they ensure home projects are functional, safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. They are familiar with various building materials and will specify selections for use in construction for both the interiors and exteriors of properties. If you have any structural component needs, it is wise to consult an architect before you begin your process.

Interior Designer

Before allocating significant dollars to any home project, it is wise to understand the various design components involved and how they will interact with each other. An experienced interior designer can present a variety of options once they understand your vision for the space, and then help to ensure it’s realized.  They typically have relationships with the best material suppliers and can visit them with you to assist in the selection and coordination of everything you desire.


Remodelers are multi-faceted individuals that can hire and/or coordinate the activities of all the required subcontractors for a home project.  We recommend working with remodelers that hold an active general contractor license. These remodelers will possess skilled knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • required permitting
  • timeline and sequence that the varied trades need to proceed for an efficient process
  • monitoring and approval of the quality of work
  • key relationships that seamlessly pull everything together into a cohesive framework

With a remodel of any significance, it is prudent to consult a general contractor so they can discuss their process and how they pull your home project together and across the finish line.


Builders often offer an all-encompassing solution, as many have all the above individuals on staff and can handle a large assortment of home projects. Many builders have design centers that will limit your trips to material supply houses, however the more customized your home becomes, the more you may need to embark on various selection processes. Builders are typically engaged for a new build or a large, overhaul renovations because they can provide you with all the necessary accommodations to meet your large project goals. Note that in today’s market, most builders often have wait-times and require a larger investment due to the in-house services they provide.


Still not sure where to start? As a cabinetry supplier, we work with all the above professionals. Give us a call, tell us about your home project, and we can point you in the right direction or provide referrals to some of the top Tampa Bay construction providers. Contact us today at 813-652-0938.