August 10, 2021
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Understanding Cabinet Options – Part 2: Door Styles


Part Two of this blog series is meant to follow last month’s blog discussing Cabinet Construction Options. Now that we have explored the 3 different cabinet construction options, we can identify which cabinet door style is best for your home’s unique functions and aesthetic.

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

If there’s a standard in cabinet styles – it’s Shaker Cabinets. This style is about as basic as it gets and, with good reason, it’s the most popular choice by homeowners and builders alike. Due to its versatility and distinctive-yet-simple style, this traditional cabinet has never lost popularity, despite ever-changing interior design trends.

The immense popularity of shaker style cabinets mean they are always readily available, and typically affordable. Their basic design allows for easy customization to fit your unique home style.

Modern Style Cabinet Doors

Now that you’ve learned about the five detail segments that make up the traditional cabinet, we can discuss its true opposite – the modern cabinet. Unlike the traditional cabinet, modern cabinets typically utilize slab doors. You won’t find any trim or molding on these cabinets as their faces are almost always completely flat. This results in a simplistic style that is clean and sleek.

Typically, modern cabinets are made with wood that doesn’t have a strong grain, such as maple. For a truly modern look, they can be painted with a high gloss in any color you choose.

Country or Farmhouse Cabinet Doors

If you’re thinking about installing country or farmhouse style cabinets, then you are definitely looking for a laid-back and cozy aesthetic in your kitchen design. Contrary to the glossy finish of the modern cabinets, country style favors a worn and rustic look. These cabinets are usually complemented with brass or iron hardware to further depict a farmhouse aesthetic.

Many would consider this to be the most casual of the six cabinet styles we explore. The relaxed look of country cabinets is ideal for those looking to mix and match various styles throughout the kitchen’s accessories, elements and décor. This style of cabinet is most often found in white, but red, yellow and grey are other popular colors.

Beadboard Cabinet Doors

Also known as “tongue and groove” cabinets, beadboard styles are quick to spot. They are created by aligning vertical slats into one another. This unique method produces a cabinet face with a textured and timeless look. Often found in cottage style kitchens, beadboard cabinets bring a warm element to any room or space.

Glass Front Cabinet Doors

Glass front cabinets are found in a variety of kitchen styles, from traditional to modern. But they always have one thing in common – a glass front/face! Glass fronts are sometimes used on all cabinet faces in a space. However, they are more often used as an accent mark on select cabinets, such as uppers. This cabinet style creates an optical illusion by “opening” up an area of the kitchen that would normally feel limited if other cabinet styles were used.

Glass front cabinets are ideal for displaying items of value or décor that would have otherwise been hidden by solid cabinet doors. Adding lighting within these cabinets brings an additional layer of warmth and depth to a room. However, it’s important to remember that anything inside these cabinets has the potential to be seen.


Traditional Cabinet Doors

Traditional cabinets are known for their beautiful and intricate details. This cabinet style is often made with real wood and can contain ornate carvings that feature raised panels. Though this style might sound outdated, it’s gilded patterns are a popular choice for those hoping to achieve an elegant and timeless look.

Traditional cabinets can come with glass inserts, some of which create arched tops. This is a stark contrast to the sharp angled lines found in other cabinet styles.


In summary, taking all of the above information into consideration is critical in understanding what materials, methods and styles will lead to your ideal kitchen.  It is also important to contemplate how you will chose to utilize the space.  How you spend your time in the kitchen and what is important to you when you do so.  Are you creating the space for your family, are you concerned about resale, how long will you live there?  Take the time to engage and ask questions of your cabinetry professional and your experience will be everything you are hoping for.

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