October 13, 2021
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4 Factors to Consider When Buying Kitchen Cabinetry in Tampa

Are you in the market for cabinetry in Tampa Bay? Below, we dive into the unique factors residents should consider while shopping for cabinetry in our beautiful city!

Navigating Budget Concerns

Committing to new cabinetry requires budgeting. However, price should not be the primary concern for any remodeling effort. Unless you are working with a flip or rental property, going with the cheapest price should not be your sole objective – you will not find enjoyment in the process or satisfaction in the end-result.

That said, you’ll need an idea of a reasonable or prudent budget, otherwise you can waste significant time and effort during your process.  Not to mention, cause yourself economic duress and regret.


Identify your Design, Color, and Style

The design process is where your kitchen project can really come to life and your creative side can shine. There are numerous styles, finishes, textures and colors to choose from. Below are a few things to consider during this phase:

  • Type of Cabinetry

Framed, frameless, open shelving, the use of glass, full or partial overlay, etc.

  • Pattern of Doors & Drawers

Modern, traditional, glazed, slab, etc.

  • Textures and Colors Available

Most manufactures come with a wide variety of pre-selected colors/textures to choose from, as well as custom requests.

  • Layout in Your Space

Completely unique to your home and floor plan.

  • Decorative Elements

Hoods, corbels, trims and moldings, glass, baseboards, panels, are all part of expressing the style of your kitchen.

There are rational factors to consider, like resale appearance and value, however, we urge you to remember this is your home and it should reflect your personality and style as much as the architectural aspects of the property.


Finding Functionality in Your Design

Equally as important as aesthetics, function dictates how you should consider laying out and utilizing the kitchen.  Consider the below questions and their importance to you in your daily life:

  • How do you use your kitchen?
  • Is your kitchen a family gathering place, or simply a place to prepare meals?
  • Do you entertain family and friends often?
  • Is the kitchen located in one end of the home or is it centralized, accessible to all areas under the roof?
  • What types of appliances do you want to incorporate?

There is far more to consider than one might think. These decisions can act as foundation for how you will design cabinetry around appliances and help you visualize how much countertop space you need to accommodate not only meal preparation but storage for all your family members personal items as they pass through.

The  interior portions of your cabinetry can be extremely versatile as well.  A creative design and the use of accessories can minimize “dead space” and make access incredibly easy.  Spice racks, rollouts, lazy Susans, floating shelving, and countless other additions can increase storage space and efficiency in any kitchen.


Choosing Your Design/Installation Company

This is a very important decision to consider and can make all the difference in your overall satisfaction with your project.  Having a robust online presence is important for any design company. Their online reputation should show how they conduct business, approach their customers, and present images and testimonials of their previous work.  Of equal or more importance are the personal references you receive from acquaintances, family and friends, and the personal feeling you get when meeting with a prospective design team. A strong design team should offer the following:

  • Provide opinions, but be very open to listening to your ideas and incorporating them into the designs.
  • Have experience and longevity in the industry and offer a fair and reasonable contractual obligation for the project.
  • Represent quality conscious manufacturers that offer warranties and will support issues and concerns if raised during and after the design/installation process.
  • Take other factors into consideration for their presentation that include concerns like environmental factors (proximity to water, levels of humidity, UV exposure, etc.) which can greatly affect the performance and longevity of your cabinetry.

You should ask questions of your potential design team that are important to you so that you develop a rapport and comfort level with the team that will be instrumental in transforming your home.


At Gulf Cabinetry, we deeply understand the importance of these four factors when buying cabinetry. As a full-service team offering design, project management, and installation, we are prepared to tackle every step of your cabinetry project. Contact us at 813-303-0672 to learn more.

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