July 1, 2022
4 Minutes Read

5 Cabinet Solutions for Small Areas of the Home

As homeowners we are constantly evaluating space in our residences. Aesthetic changes can be as simple as a color palette or decorative element addition. We seek functional improvements: those that allow us an increased ability to gather and entertain, isolate and relax, or simply organize and declutter. Central areas of our homes are ever changing as our families evolve. When contemplating cabinetry additions for your home, kitchens and bathrooms are common considerations. Remodeling these vital areas can have a massive impact on the enjoyment and appreciation of your house. The downside is that they can be expensive, disruptive and time consuming.

However, there are a myriad of alternatives to these spaces that will make a significant difference in how you function in your home, without causing unnecessary stress and expense. Updates in small, unexpected areas of your home can make a substantial impact on functionality and provide an exceptional return on your investment. The following are examples of some of these small spaces that in most cases, will not require significant expenditures:


Entertainment Centers

These were once passe, however they are making a comeback. You can turn virtually any wall into a multi-faceted space. Wall-mounting televisions are still most popular, but now you’ll find TV’s combined with built-in libraries, drink serving stations, workplaces, extra storage, decorative displays, and other useful spaces into the liveliest areas of their homes. With semi-custom cabinetry, you can create almost any space you desire and make it fit your desired aesthetic and functional needs.


Office Spaces

This has exploded over the last year or so with the migration to work from home. Our mindsets have changed about office spaces, meaning the dining room table or sofa will no longer suffice. We need quiet, segregated spaces where we can conduct video conference meetings and escape the kids and dogs for enough time to be productive.

The right cabinetry set up can enable any spare bedroom (or corner space) to serve the needs of the adult during the day, the children at night, and anyone on the weekends. Multi-seat stations are extremely popular and eliminate the need to have multiple areas created throughout the home. They allow for locked storage where needed, multiple computer monitors, and all the electronic equipment you need to maintain an organized and effective space.


Bar Areas

Rolling drink carts are just not going to cut it in 2022! Whether you want a wet or dry bar, an increasing number of homeowners are investing in an area where they can play bartender to their guests. These spaces are becoming the center of activity.

Relegated in the past to extra space in the kitchen or pantry, bars are now being centralized in the home. In many cases they are designed into the entry foyers or family rooms. Sometimes, multiple bar areas exist in homes, specializing in wine, bourbon, or even cigars.



Historically prevalent in northern climates for dumping winter coats and snow boots off before entering the main house, these combination rooms are growing rapidly in popularity everywhere. Gone are the days of the kitchen table being the dumping ground for bags and shoes dragged in from outside. You can establish sitting areas, walls for hanging items, and drawers for to keep everyday clutter organized. Visually, mudrooms can be exceptional spaces, and functional storage spaces. You do not need a separate room to create this space. Any wall coming in from the garage, front foyer, or even back door, can be transformed into a “mudroom.”


Typically, these areas are envisioned as separate rooms, or large walk-in closets. In new remodeling projects, these much-needed spaces are being created in the existing footprints of kitchens. They can be hidden behind cabinetry, accessible through large swing open doors or even incorporated into regular cabinets with multiple swing out apparatuses that create an incredible amount of storage space. You do not need to remodel the entire kitchen to achieve this additional space, however you may need to get creative with your cabinetry design depending on the age/footprint of the kitchen.


In summary, there are a variety of cabinetry options for even the smallest spaces of your home. If you’re looking to upgrade a previous waste of space or bare wall, then contact our showroom to meet with our design team. We can help you envision a creative and unique use of cabinetry without the hassle and expense of a grand-scale remodel. Call us today to schedule a complimentary design consultation: 813-303-0672.